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Electro-Voice Sx/SxA

Electro-Voice Sx600PI

User reviews on Electro-Voice Sx/SxA products

dj remy's review (Electro-Voice - Sx300)

By dj remy, 05/10/2013
Brand loyal ELECTRO VOICE for more than fifteen years (S 200, SX 500) before and after having the FCR and also JBL EON among others, I have nothing but praise for the quality of the speakers that have never disappointed me.

Solid and with excellent sound and a very good opening flag, they are perfect for mobile disco and more.

The mids and treble are clear and powerful.

Only downside (yes they must have a default anyway! (Lol), they must be accompanied by substantial reinforcements low for everything to be perfect!

I wanted to leave to go to the new ZX range amplified but basically I think I'll keep a little and see if the new lines are so real that!

In any case, I recommend this brand to the quality / price / longevity unmatched!

THE GOOD MATOS! (Electro-Voice - Sx500)

By dj remy, 08/10/2013
Very good speakers that the 500 SX!

Very good opening flag!

Already a fan of the brand since the ELECTRO VOICE famous "suitcases" S 200, their tone, strength and endurance I went there with closed eyes by buying these speakers, fortunately larger than heavy.

I have nothing good to say and if you find the opportunity, do not hesitate, take them!

I did run with a 901 amp CREST FA pefectly.

The only downside to these speakers, light and relative lack of bass offset by a rich midrange and treble sound always clear (audio signature of the brand).
At the same time I also had a pair of SX 300 and the paradox is that the SX 300 gave the impression to send more than their two older sisters especially in the bass, a roof, right? Maybe also because they worked with SX 300 amp EV P1200 which, without being especially powerful as CREST, however, was a more recent generation of amplifiers.

Having been tired of lugging my duty every Saturday night to go to the same restaurant, I sold there has 5 years these SX 500 restorer who always work without concern;

When I told you that this is good stuff!

Favourite (Electro-Voice - Sx300)

By bbroussolle, 02/05/2014
I bought 8000Francs (1220 €) in 1998 (there are 16)
We also had the SX200 (same invoice)
it sounds.
Very Net.

The only downside fragility of acute tubal.
Having broken several, it was installed a fuse (A MUST DO to save sensitive).

Front bars back on the big stages.
Of course this is only a 12'' I do not pass in the bass drum and bass.

tony on-line's review (Electro-Voice - Sx300A)

By tony on-line, 10/04/2005
- In operation since + or 10 years. I use SX300, SX300A, SX 500 ...
- Very versatile for applications nbreuses (szene returns, rule, small diffusion frontage ...)
- Excellent performance, quality of its homogeneous, relatively compact and very well made ... Nevertheless, it is prferable to supplement the system with Subs.
- I used to nbreux systems all DIFFERENT (nexus, EAW, ElectroVoice ...).
- In this price range, this is one product of high quality very reliable and robust.

- 100% satisfied!