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User Review

cynthia_r's review - 2box DrumIt Five

4 months that I possess.
Like many who have chosen this EDRUM, I'm from the world of sound.
Firstly I was attracted by the look modern and colorful (it changes from black, RIP).
Very good sense of play and realistic sounds (nothing to do with the synth sounds disguised as drumkit yamaha and roland especially):
Bass drum sounds to unearth the dead. Connected to the sound of my group, my musicos were all impressed.
Auncune latency and amplitude sound fantastic.
Sizes of pads, cymbals and bass drum excellent. We go from acoustic to electric without worry.
We did not spend hours tweaking the module to try to have a less rotten.
There's no fuss, you connect, play.
The module concentrates on the essentials:
modif of high notes, changes in sensitivity, gain, modif twelve o'clock ...., everything very quickly.
All parameters are out to have a game to play lumberjack finesse.
Easily transportable rack (very light), but suddenly not very strong. Already moved two dozen times and no worries, but to see in time.
Toms vibrate like on my rack acoustisque when I hit it (which is alive).
Module very firmly pro: 6 output (a feast for the live sound engineer).
After 5 Live, I am fully satisfied.

The changes I made on the 2box:
- 3 Surge Cymbals (alesis) that are superior in terms of touch and look.
- Foot charley
- Double bass drum pedal.
- Acoustic drum skins (I think there is too much rebound with skin mesh). I also test for rubber skins.

To conclude this is really the first electronic drums that can be out of context "training-pad kitchen set-Rigolage-childish".
2box thank you.