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Oktava Electrostatic microphones

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User reviews on Electrostatic microphones Oktava products

What a find. (MK-219)

By ikeena, 10/05/2018
I use this for voice over, live performance and studio applications. I did not compare the MK-219 with other microphones. I found this with stand and cable at a Goodwill Store. I was surprised when I saw it. I saw the price and thought somebody was kidding or had set up a sting. The MK-219 will pick-up the slightest sound so if you want a clean recording, don't record in public. I have used it to mic a video set and direct to a video camera (via slr). Versatile, solid. Phantom power can be problematic. The best $45 I have ever spent.

trokchonchon's review (MK-102)

By trokchonchon, 13/02/2014
versatile microphone, condenser


I use it for almost a year.
I write mainly to an unexpected find out: I put it once in front of a bass drum, 10cm skin resonance centered on the strike zone and ... it's great in this application. So I will do it every time and only uses it for the bass drum. Obviously if the barrel is really rotten it probably does not work as well and a Beta52 or other inside will be more suitable, but if the bass drum not sound too bad base, it's really a good solution. typing is very clear, and the roundness was very pretty in the bass. Very little crosstalk as well, which surprised me. The mix, it is easy to isolate the kick to do what you want.
I think it is related to the design of the microphone, which lets through the sound and not allowed to interfere with the sound pressure. But technology is not my forte, so I stop there assumptions ...
So it puts some question the idea that does not render well serious, it says it depends on the bass, I will edit this review to a bass amp if it does not work, I have not tried.

It is also very well behaved on hihat and room mic away before the kit, but now the bass drum always monopolizes.
I tried for singing, a little, it is one of its destination it seems, I am not convinced because it sounds too 'end', too light for my taste.

I sent it to Michael Joly for modification, with two of his cousins ​​MK012, I'll let you know the results.

In any case it allows me to abandon the use of a Loudspeaker to capture SUBKICK, which rids me of a DIY bulky, heavy and fragile in the bag mics.