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Eminence Beta 12A (Beta-12A)

By MGR/Billy, 17/04/2011
Last month I picked up an unloaded '67 Fender Bandmaster 2x12 cabinet and since it is such a huge cabinet I thought it could work well for bass with the use of a Fender Bassman head.

My next task was finding speakers that would work well with this box. There is a wussy little port in the front of this cab as well as I dampened the interior of the cab with some thick insulation and pieces of an egg crate foam mattress pad.

Long story short, the specs of a the Eminence Beta 12As seemed perfect for this box.

I wanted to purchase from American Musical Supply since their shipping warehouse is close to me. They have a few Eminence drivers to choose from and I was able to price match the Beta 12As down for $60 a piece.

They fit like a glove and lined right up with the holes of the rear mounted Fender cab. The tone is excellent. Thanks to these speakers the cabinet produces the perfect mix of thunder and punch.

There was no mounting hardware included. Granted Eminence has no idea what you are mounting your speaker to, I don't blame them for not sending hardware that potentially wouldn't work anyway.

Solid. The magnets have some weight to them and the paper cone is thick. I don't buy into these thin puny Neo speakers if you want thunderous tone!

The speakers showed up flawless no weird marks.

God Bless Eminence for making a high quality, affordable replacement speaker that's made in the USA!

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Eminence Kappa Pro 15a (Kappa Pro-15A)

By MGR/Billy, 27/11/2011
Alright here's the deal, I was playing in a band that played any and all gigs. My bass rig had to be prepared to play a coffee house or a 1200 seat club. It would then sit in a trailer on it's way to the next town and possibly get abused by the opening act. Ultimately I needed a bullet proof 1 15' speaker. That is where the Eminence Kappa Pro comes in.

I him and hawed over dozens of raw speakers online. I had just purchased some Beta series Eminence and was impressed with them so I thought I would go the next step; for $170 the Kappa Pro 15' by Eminence was at my door.

Since then I have 6 months and close to 50 shows under its belt.

It sounds huge. What good is a speaker that lasts forever and has unlimited power if it sounds rotten?

It mounted right into the wholes drilled for the original speaker that came in my Peavey cabinet.

It can take a beating I've had my 700 watt bass about half way up through it and the speaker was still asking for more.

This speaker is meant to be pushed. It doesn't sound too great quietly, but more than likely you are interested in this speaker because you blew you others!

Ferrite magnet, an aluminum voice coil coated in polyimide. Paper cone with cloth edging. The frame is built from a rugid aluminum. 3' voice coil and after endless blabber on the science of things you don't understand, this 25 pound raw speaker puts out 600 watts into 8 ohms.

An excellent choice for a replacement high powered bass cabinet or PA driver. In the right box this will sound huge. I have 6 months of abuse on this speaker and it still keeps a rockin!

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[NAMM] Eminence Pete Anderson signature model

Published on 01/24/16
Eminence has announced the Hempdog 12, a 12" signature speaker elaborated with producer and guitarist Pete Anderson.