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User Review

Anonymous's review - Cycling'74 Max/MSP 5

- Installation is hassle free. Just follow the instructions.

- The manual is clear, but in English. For non-English speakers, it's still bad, but the totality of the documentation is so standard that I doubt the one day in French. My advice when working and even read most help to understand how all the objects.

- Above all, do not forget to configure its filepath is saying the paths to the folders where max must get your patches and your belongings. Many beginners forget to think and has the software crashes while they have forgotten what small details, which is huge!
Options> File Preferences ...


- I'm on macbook pro, and works very well max. In terms of performance, while dpend what you ask for Max!

- It is true that from time to time max plant, do not forget to make backups frequent providers (as with any other software for that matter).


I recommend this software without hesitating I Rasht eyes closed, especially since the 5.0.5 update that is much more stable than version 5.0.