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User Review

zenonal's review - Cycling'74 Max/MSP

The install of Max / MSP and Jitter (video plugin see below) poses no problem. For toolkits available on the web (and there are a flopped), there is not always install automatically but if you follow the instructions, all goes well.
Setup is simple. Everything is DTECT automatically, including the video hardware. Oprationnel IMMEDIATE.
Indeed, there is no manual but the tutorials help much. And above all, something in gnial Max is using. For each object, there is assistance that is in itself a Ralite patch executable and writable! So very practical, since you can take bits of help for will integrate its own patch. Then I like using the example ...


Proc: AMD Athlon XP 3200 +, Motherboard: ASUS Sound Card: Presonus Firebox
For sound, I have yet t often confronts a CPU overload. on the other hand for video, do not esprer make super high-resolution ...
Trs little problem of instability.


I use it for a little over a month. I am always with BMD ending for me but I'll pay (for Students: $ 59 for 9 months of license).
I find this program really fouttu. IT is not that complicated to learn. Once we understand the basic principles, the aid is to guide us. So, which is not bad too, it's DIFFERENT level of complexity and flexibility available. You can just use the basic objects, Tlcharger lots of homemade patchers on the net, programming scripts (JavaScript) or even program new objects ... I do not speak the sounds since almost every sound imaginable can be produced by this program. Once the video quality. With Jitter (supplment unfortunately), we can manipulate the image as well as in the MAX.
Well, the BMOL is the time it takes. Since everything must be done so-even or nearly so. But I am convinced that it's worth it for those who we REALLY want to manipulate the sound.
Qualitprix: not stealing, it's worth its price