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[Musikmesse] dbx launches 500 modules

dbx launches a series of processors and sub-harmonic synth in API 500 format, which are introduced at Musikmesse this week.

Modular is now a new territory at dbx who already designed the 900 Series a while ago. But they are now adapting to modern studio requirements with the new 500 that debuts with 5 modules and an 8-slot PowerRack with built-in power supply.

Here are the details of the modules:

  • 510: reproduces the dbx subharmonic synthesizer with two separate sub frequency bands and a bass boost circuit
  • 520: a de-esser based on the dbx 902 with frequency control between 800 Hz and 8 kHz, processing between 0 and 20 dB, HF mode switch and LED gain reduction meter
  • 530: parametric EQ based on the 905 with 3 overlapping bands, the ability to choose between bell and shelf filter for high and low frequencies, a separate “infinite notch” mode for each band and Q control
  • 560A: a compressor/limited also inherited from the 900 series, with proprietary switchable OverEady compression curves and Hardknee (the same as on the 160A), ratio control between 1:1 and infinite:1 and even -1:1 (reverse compression), threshold between -40 and +20 dBu, output gain, switchable input and output level meter and reduction gain meter. This module is already available for $399.95.
  • 580: mic preamp with up to 60 db of gain, variable frequency low-cut filter, 2-band EQ, -20 dB pad, phase reverse, 48V phantom power, VU-meter and peakmeter. An instrument input is also available on the front panel.