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User Review

MJCJM's review - E-MU RFX-32

I use it recently and I do not totally control!
All I know is that I rarely had opportunity to align as many effects in a sampler or workstation (perhaps on a Yamaha A5000 ... but what they are ugly those of the A5000 ...!)
There was just the right ... but a hard objectionable quality!
2 24-bit processors arranged in E4 are already very good ...
but there is surpasses by far.
The quality is the same, except that some effects are added, we go for treatment from 24 to 32 bits and above are no longer one or two parameters effect but see 5 10 parameters!

The most interesting is that the Reverb is superb!
Using several different reverb algos on each track (in addition to those already disposed) not allow a lot of fantasies!

The only drawback is that it is obliged to provide additional ADAT card or separate outputs to power the router and use (damage)
Otherwise it is possible du'utiliser map still via the menu of the RFX!

The top is to assign any control over any parameter effect!

This is really an option that changes your Sampler!