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User Review

A SLAP ENORMMMMMME - Reviews Roland SR-JV80-04 Vintage Synthesizer

express opinion:

few months and many hours on it ... I went through a lot of stuff (digital and analog) samplers of romplers, the VA ...

(I bought a JV for the card in and orchestral card were in by the previous owner) to complete my stock of 6 cards already present in my JV2080 ...

first fast enough Password: patches sounding unusual way in my JV2080 to the point that I wonder if it is the same machine, or if I did not push the output level a bit much ...

the first patches, scans are intoxicating, it breathes, vibrates ca, ca serious scans the stereo image is huge, some fairly successful leads, but mostly low "fit inside" end tell me that reputation is well deserved and earned view well above my expectations.

BUT, a few long minutes later, I started a small sequence to drool a bit this card in performance mode and everything collapses ... big disappointment, even very big disappointment

So I understand that to use it (just like the orchestral elsewhere) have a specific need to host it herself.

So, I come a JV1080 (we throw in the trash right now ... there are crazy people) and I dedicate this SR JV 04 ...

I raise my sequence and $% § ca ... ain hard again, quite nasty. I even found a B3 sound that rivals far north with my electro 3! that is to say ...

there are, however, caveats: 1 - read elsewhere, attacks in my JV1080 dedicated filter is not perfect, not really soft, but he takes his time, ca limit the use of some patches.

Finally, if this card is ringing in patch mode, it mostly means that the Roland engineers are also well optimized effects ... which expanded the sound, but ultimately, the original is not quite the.

In conclusion: an extraordinary map literally. may be not exactly the exact replica of what is expected, but a great creative power, it seems necessary to use it in patch mode and a dedicated synth.

255 patches a few repetitions still with some cards, but approx. 170 helpful. a must, but for those who can afford