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Erga_omnes's review (Au Coeur Du Home Studio)

By Erga_omnes, 08/06/2003
This book contains many details even when quite impressive audio standards (Noon. ..), and is very easy to ACCS. It is true that it gives only "initiation" The elements of all the audio but the note Previous STRID seems a little ...

Los Teignos's review (Vos premiers pas en Musique assitée par Ordinateur)

By Los Teignos, 23/02/2003
Written by Lionel Drouin, this little book is THE book to read my mind when we want to get there and that computer music connate nothing. 115 pages well illustrated by the author you are clear on the basics of audio and MIDI, always remaining trs trs clear and direct (no unnecessary digressions as in too many books of the same type). "What is time stretching? What is an oscillator? What does a low pass filter? How do I connect my keyboard my computer?". If you ask such a question, you'll be in heaven here, especially as a glossary complte damn good work.
The default? They are not hard to see: As the book is for beginners large, it does that much and do not fall within the dtails. Moreover, it is here at the prsentation concepts without addressing the practice: if you want a book that tells you what to do with your tutorials in squenceur not not go your way.
But is it of the default to the extent that the book is sold for a price as modest as his ambitions (6)? Yes, is it? ;-)
I can assure you, I do not bump the editor but when a book is well done, as much to say! And that price, I do not see how one could do much better ...