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Fender Telecaster

Fender American Vintage '69 Telecaster Thinline

Series Fender

( American Deluxe Telecaster à Custom Shop Telecaster 2014 )
( Deluxe à Vintage Hot Rod Telecaster )

Reviews Fender Telecaster

Fender Road Worn Player Telecaster Review

This Guitar Will Wear You Down Without any offense to purists who get a nervous breakdown every time they discover the slightest scratch on their guitar, the Road Worn Series instruments have been intentionally damaged: the varnish has been scratched and flaked off, the neck has been worn down by an artificial process instead of by natural aging — all in order to give them a retro look! read more…

Fender Blacktop Series Review

Fender Puts On a Spurt Instead of launching the umpteenth reissue of a catalog instrument, Fender decided to innovate by mounting high-output passive humbuckers on a new series called Black Top. This new product range includes a Telecaster, a Jaguar and a Stratocaster equipped with the same pickup combination based on two humbuckers. The Jazzmaster gets a more original pickup combination with one humbucker (Hot Vintage Alnico Bridge Humbucking Pickup) and one P-90 in the neck position. read more…

Fender American Special Telecaster Review

Made in the USA What's left to say about the Telecaster? It's contribution to the world of popular music is without doubt. For those still in the dark, some of the music history's most memorable riffs were concocted on this divine piece of wood: "Brown Sugar" by the Rolling Stones "I'm a Man" by Muddy Waters, "Every Breath You Take" by the Police, and "Glory Days" by Bruce Springsteen... read more…

User reviews on Fender Telecaster products

Wicked sound for a starter set (Fender - Standard Telecaster [2009-2018])

By TeleFunk, 25/04/2014
Made in Mexico, with volume, tone & pickup selectors (between the neck, bridge, or both), 22 frets


All the way back in November of 2005, I decided I wanted to learn to play the electric guitar and wanted something good to start with that was one step above the cheapest (i.e. above the Squier series back then, which is crazy because now Squier actually makes some great-sounding starter guitars...)

My friend (who's a fantastic guitarist) would pick up the guitars and play them and I would judge them by sound. I had this predetermined goal of getting a Strat à la David Gilmour, but when he compared the mexican-made strat with the comparatively affordable mexican standard tele, there was no question the Tele had better sound.

It had that typical Tele-twang, but sounded fantastic both in clean and distorted settings. Additionally, this is one of the most playable/user-friendly guitars I've ever touched in the 9 years since...People will call me crazy but I prefer the touch, feel and playability (and price ;) ) of this guitar to my buddy's Les Paul....

And after all these years, apart from a few bumps and scratches, the axe still sounds true, holding its tuning as well as a dear place in my heart


Ive used it with Line 6 spider IVs, the tiny terror, and some others I can't even remember.

It's very playable and sounds great clean, crunchy or distorted, but as I love playing melodically, choosing the right notes, and am by no means a shredder, I love keeping it simple and playing on a clean fender amp with a bit of reverb and just letting the guitar speak for itself!

*I will say* At times, the twanginess is too much for me (obviously not as sonically pleasing compared to this tele's more expensive big brothers...)


At the time, I bought this at Guitar Center in southern California when the MSRP was $499 but the actual retail price was $349. For that price, I find this guitar unbeatable, and was not only a good starter guitar, but worthy of playing a few gigs in the years that followed the original purchase.

Honestly, the only con (at least for my playing style and preference) is it's a little too twangy. That's it.

I don't regret buying this as my first guitar EVER. The only guitar to my knowledge that I believe to be a better value and has a fantastic sound (albeit with a flimsier structure) is the Squier Jazzmaster (the only problem is it shows the damn 'squier' logo on the neck instead of the iconic 'fender telecaster' :) )

Good electronics, great sound, poor craftsmanship. (Fender - Cabronita Telecaster [2012-2013])

By Pjones9, 21/07/2014
I bought this guitar looking for an affordable a guitar for practice, live performances and recording. My Fender Cabronita was made in Mexico, and while many times the mexican-made Fender basses and guitars can match the quality and sound of their international counterparts, this time Fender falls a little short in terms of craftsmanship and quality. However, this guitar does have the classic Telecaster tone from two sharp Fideli’TronTM humbucking pickups. It also feats a single volume control knob, 22 frets, and a 3-way pickup selector which gives you a wide tonal range to choose from.

Its modern 'C' shaped neck makes it very comfortable to play and it has a good feel. The neck needs to be adjusted more often than one would want; in a matter of weeks the strings start to feel higher and it gets harder to play loosely. Another problem that seems recurrent among Cabronita owners (even with the USA made guitars) is the bridge being too wide for the guitar. For this reason and the fact that it gets out of tune easily I would not recommend it for recording purposes in exception of demos.


The bridge doesn't fit quite well,the first two strings don't line up well over the pickups and the high E string slips over the edge of the fretboard with only a slight bend. Some of the high notes on the last frets also buzz,
the tuners seem too loose and the guitar doesn't intonate well in some of the high notes.
Because of the pick up setting and quality you can get easily a good tone from this guitar, the Fideli’TronTM humbucking pickups give the player a wide option of tones, with great warmth and aggressiveness when needed.
With some gain you can get a fantastic sound out of this Tele.

While the wood for the body of most Cabronitas is alder, the white blonde version has an ash body, which makes the guitar slightly heavier,but I believe ash has a more resonant sound than alder. So I don't mind it being a little bit heavier. The finish is perfect and the design is ergonomic too.


I run it through a VOX AC15 guitar amp and with the bridge pickup setting it sounds amazing, warm, rich and punchy. I play bass in a rock band but the singer is the one who uses this guitar for rehearsals and live performances as well. He plays kind of rough but since he plays mostly rhythm guitar parts the Cabronita sounds very nice when playing with the band.
For our style of music it's perfect for playing chords and comping, however, as I stated before, some of the high notes buzz and don't intonate well, also remember that the E string slides easily over the fretboard. Usually we don't use this guitar for solos or very melodic lines. Apart from this two notorious flaws, my Cabronita run through the Vox AC15 sounds great, with a very full, aggressive and thick tone. The pickups also turn out to have good versatility; there is a remarkable difference in sound between the bridge and the neck pickup, while we use mostly the bridge pickup, the neck gives very warm, clean and clear tones too.


What I liked the most about this guitar was the classic punchy sound of a Tele. It fits our style of music really well and as rhythm guitar it makes a great job. Apart from the production related issues like the neck and tuners this is a good guitar for live shows and practicing. It has satisfactory electronics. Still I believe you can get a better Telecaster model for the same price. Perhaps I wouldn't make the same choice If I had to buy it again. I would go for another Tele model. I mean, the Cabronita has what I need (sound quality, good tone, punch) and the pickups and overall sound are excellent, but all of the quality problems I had with this guitar are not present in other Telecaster models, even from the standard series. So, in conclusion:

-Good tone
-Comfortable to play
-Strong electronics
-Good finish
-Good pickups

-Unfitting bridge
-Buzz in high frets
-Gets out of tune easily
-Poor craftsmanship
-Neck has to be adjusted constantly


Amazing Guitar (Fender - Classic '69 Telecaster Thinline)

By tom808, 24/07/2014
USA made semi hollow body, telecasters are know for their bright sound so adding semi hollow body to it adds more of a character to it. Has a Mahagony body, one piece maple neck, Two vintage-style single coil Tele pickups with alnico magnet, Vintage-style 3-saddle strings thru-body Tele bridge, has a volume and tone knobs, 3 position pickup switch, it has 21 frets i prefer 22.


The guitar is beautiful and comfortable in terms of use i gigged around with it never had any problems, knobs are easy to reach, neck feels great more on the rounded side. The guitar is not heavy compare to Gibsons, has beautiful f holes, makes it stand out on stage. Pick ups are good for the Tele sound i never had any problems with them and never was in need of switching them out. Anybody can get a nice tone out of the tele.


With this tele i like to play rather soft music or rock n roll type if you wanted to use it for harder music like metal you would have to switch out the pick ups and put in EMG's or symour duncans to give it the hard grungy sound. But this stock tele is super clean more on the brighter sound but i always enjoyed the sound and the looks of them over the strat guitars tele has more character for me personally. I use my tele with a fender blues jr which is a perfect combination for the softer blues sound the amp has some power to it. I produce a lot of pop mainstream rock music and this tele is perfect for it, i also have a Gibson Lespaul its a big difference since the Gibson has a darker tone and can be more on the heavy side but still blends in with clean genres.


My favorite thing about the tele it has its own sound to it that no other guitar can recreate, the value is fair for the quality guitar. I tested many guitars and theres many other good guitars which i love but if you want that blues crisp sound you need this tele. I have been a fan of these guitars and i will always recommend them.

Great Guitar (Fender - Deluxe Nashville Tele [1997-2015])

By terrygh1949, 24/07/2016
Very universal instrument. Great workmanship,Sounds excellent,Very different setup from a regular Telecaster but, usable tones and, plays nicely. Even thought this Telecaster is made in Mexico is it a Great value. I own a 1976 American Telecaster and, this Mex Tele is a comparable guitar. Play through 1965 Fender Twin Reverb. I play Classic Rock and, Country and, this guitar fills the bill.

News Fender Telecaster

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