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Junkie XL Gives Back
Tom Holkenborg (aka “Junkie XL”) has had a long and successful music career as a producer, recording artist, and remixer — and over the last several years he's become a top Hollywood film composer. He’s scored big-budget movies including Mad Max and Divergent: and he’s now working on the music for Batman and Superman.

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Great !

Thank you very much for the share, will take a good look at it !
You're welcome. Hope you find his videos to be helpful. :-)
Amazing collection of video, incredible studio and Tom talks a very good english for the frenchy people who try to see them ! :bravo: thank you very much !
Amazing collection of video, incredible studio

Indeed. I was also really impressed by his desire to give back to the musician community. If only more musicians at his level of success had that attitude.
ABSOLUTELY fantastic!
Even though I am not necessarily a Junkie XL fan, what he talks about in this article is absolute GOLD.
Especially when he talks about "what kind of person" you need to be in order to be successful in this business.

In one of the videos on his YouTube site, he talks about the custom made touch screen controller.
He mentions the name of the guy who built it for him, but after an extensive Google search, I found nothing.
Can anyone direct me to a webpage where I can get a hold of his touch screen designer?

Much appreciated, and ROCK ON!
Can anyone direct me to a webpage where I can get a hold of his touch screen designer?

I don't know the answer to that right off the bat, but I'll put a message into JXL to find out. Glad you liked the story! :-)

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