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rack it with your mpc (Akai - MFC 42)

By AlanForPresident, 08/05/2012
The Akai MFC 42 can be purchased at a good price at a bunch of different stores that offer music gear so its definitely worth the try. It has 42 analog filters and is a rack able unit. My first incounter with it was when I got a chance to use it when someone had it racked on the MPC. I really had no idea what it was but since I am an MPC lover I knew that I had to get my hands on it and give it a shot. You will love using it, you can filter with mono and stereo sections and it has the ability to modulate as well. You can control the stereo and the mono completely separately .


Getting started with it was fairly easy, I didn’t even have a manual for it and had no problem just mesing around with the knobs and seeing what kinda cool sounds I could get out of it. You have a few different types of channels , Low, High pass, band pass and notch. Also the speed of the LFO is controlled by the “rate” knob. The Aka MFC 42 also syncs up to your MPC’s midi clock too so the timing will be right on. Some times it didn’t seem like the MFC42 had a mind of its own and I was difficult to get it to quite doing some effects. But that could have been something that I did wrong and because I didn’t have a manual for it at the time I had no idea what was going on.


The sound quality is amazing and it provides a very bright colorful sound. The filters really bring out some cool effects in some of the chops and samples that I use. Since I have been using this for a few years now, right around 4 years I have used up all of the filters maybe too many times at this point but I don’t care because it just sounds so darn good.


Overall, if you have an MPC you must have this. Akai MFC 42 was built for the MPC users.

Should cost more (Earthworks - KP-1 Kick Pad)

By stompboxjon, 02/11/2012
The EarthWorks KickPad KP1 is an XLR kick drum unit that is for all microphones. It cost less than 99 dollars which is way under priced to me. The KickPad KP1 will allow you to turn almost any microphone into a kick drum microphone. I say almost any microphone because just trying to turn a cheap microphone into a kick drum microphone might work but the quality will not change too much.


The KickPad KP1 is simple to set up or use, all you have to do is just plug it in. The great thing about having the KickPad KP1 is you could be in situation where you don’t have enough kick drum microphones available, well all you have to do is pull this baby out and hook it up with a microphone and that is it; you will have a kick drum mic.


The KickPad KP1 works with almost all dynamic, ribbon, and condenser microphones but depending on how good the microphone is will still dictate how good the kick will sound.


When it comes to kick drum sounds it will always depend on the microphone and the microphone placement in correlation to the surrounding environment. So even the KickPad KP1 might not give you the perfect sound right out of the gate and you might have to do some experimenting with placement but it will not hurt to have this at all. Using the KickPad KP1 will give you ( with proper placement) a great thick kick drum sound with enough punch to slice right through your mix and if you are playing live with it, it could be just what you need to bring that kick out in front of all of the other sounds that may be going on. For the price that this cost it is a must have, I have seen similar devices cost almost double.

Panic (Peavey - Feedback Ferret D)

By JimboSpins, 07/11/2012
The Feeback Ferret D has been in my rig since 2009, it is a feedback processor that has panic filters on it. Using the Ferret D will get rid of all of the horrible frequencies that need to be gutted out. You can simply use a filter that the Ferret D offers and it will find certain frequencies that you tell it to and it will eliminate them. There are over 16 different filters to choose from and the Ferret even has four different presets to fit with whatever you environment is.


Using the Ferret D is simple because it is just about using the filters efficiently. Sometimes as we all know you might experience some sudden feedback that can really ruin your set and fast! All you have to do is use one of the Panic Filters and you will quickly have full control over the feedback and you can get rid of it really quickly. If you are into live sound whether you are a DJ for a band or group or an artist setting up your own gear, having the Ferret D is a must have because it will take care of your dirty work and get rid of all of the feedback.


The Ferret D has 2 channels with 2 XLR inputs and 2 XLR/ 2 ¼ TRS outputs. You can rack this unit up and have it in your set up quickly. No matter what setting you are in you will be able to change your options or change filters if you are in a panic situation and have sudden out of nowhere feedback strike your gig.


Even you are having some minor feedback sound issues that some people don’t think are that bad, you should still go out and get this unit because it will give you ease of mind knowing that feedback will not take over your performance.

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