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[NAMM] Porter showcases 3 pickups

US boutique manufacturer Porter Pickups showcases at Summer NAMM 2014 three new guitar pickups.

Telecaster fans who wish to get the P90 sound on their instrument can look at the Porter Custom T90, a recreation of the iconic pickup, available in sets (neck and bridge) starting from $215, with various available options.

The bridge pickup is very aggressive, according to Porter, but is responds well to volume changes and you can also adjust the poles on it.

If you’re into Tron, you can try the PorterTron, available separately for $130 each or in set for $260. The pickups use Alnico 5 magnets and their internal parts are laser cut and assembled in house. The neck pickup offers a full sound and is versatile enough for blues, jazz and rock; The bridge model is recommended with mild to heavy overdrives. Porter adds that these models use the NE Filter’Tron Mount system so they can’t be used to replace traditional humbuckers.

Last, Porter introduces in Nashville the Custom A90 ($100 each or $200 the set), which are hybrid pickups and combine Alnico 5 magnets to a traditional P90 design. They are describes as less aggressive than the original P90, they sound clearer and offer the “spank” of Jazzmaster and Stratocaster pickups. You can choose between black, white or cream covers.