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User Review

Nothing more nothing less - Reviews Apogee Duet

- I was looking for good converters and good pramps not ruin me. I went first on the Duet2 but my finances were a little face when I saw the price of that stock in toto in b (298E against 500 for 2) I cracked.
I do not need 36 inputs and outputs, 2 me more than enough, one of the important points t ergonomics, it is the caviar.
- Use on a Macbook Pro 2.26GHz and 8 gb of ram.


- Installation of 2 min, you plug everything is ok, nothing wrong.
- I use it with Live, no problem so far (4 days of use, I prcise).
- Trs short latency for updates I will tackle it this week.
- At the sound, you feel the small diffrence everyone is talking about when it is prsence of convertos APOG, run an ordinary Mp3 and if you are pregnant take a little road ( Adam A7x for me) you feel immediately the difference.


I saw nothing more clear to mac today, everything is simple.


- Reu 4 days ago
- Motu ultralite mk3, emu 1616m and some I've seen in others.
- Quality of pramps and converters, big button that does everything, Aesthetics (yes a consideration too).
- Nothing is 300 euros in nine, I see no bad cts.
- If I had a budget a little more consquent I took the Duet 2 is my only regret.

Little updating the 22/12/2011:
I'm having a big concern for latency in Live right, which makes use trspnible follow ....