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User Review

oze974's review - Apogee Ensemble

Value For Money : Excellent
I passed al all because of the incompatibility BEYOND rme ff400

used in home studio specializing hip hop (taking voice, guitar, groovebox etc.)

i mac aluminum 20p 2g ram

six preamp compressor q


Yes and no, I Navais no sound through headphones, but it soon settled c you had to go by maestro
config easy, but clear manual in English


The drivers are stable an update, May 08
recent purchase so for now I made is that no votes taken, and c is nikel


I used the last few days alone, I would return here in a few weeks of

what is striking is the c!! clearly specified, coupled with my Dynaudio BM6A mk2 c is a pleasure to work with my mix .... the preamps are excellent, very easy to use

j rme ff've tested the 400, if it was compatible j would have kept this one, for it is very good stuff and very good sound too, in comparison with the ff800 which is its direct rival, I'd say cest a matter of taste, its still very good stuff on both sides, the whole may be easier to use, in the soft rm at the beginning was a bit complicated for my taste

No value for money is not great, but reasonable, value for money, for my part I prefer the sound of its apogee, therefore justifies a little price difference ....

I would do this election if I'm in the same position as it is true that I need the louse ff 400 was sufficient, but Apple wants to do good when the economy c is the paying customer!

its still very good gear, fully integrated into Logic, easy to use, its sick with 8 I / O for Mac owners I think c is a good investment