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motu 8pre - has anyone used it - or seen a review of it anywhere

motu 8pre - has anyone used it - or seen a review of it anywhere ??
Just got one and used it to record band practice. I must say after having owned the 896HD that this is way better. The pres are clearer. Drivers are rock solid, and thats the strong selling point for me. I tried the PreSonus Firestudio and got one of many defective units from the first batch. Needless to say their tech support is rude. They told me everyone was at NAMM last week and no one could do the paperwork for my warranty until next week. The head of tech support is a total skid mark, for lack of a better term. He straight up told me he didn't feel like taking care of me on Friday and I had to wait until Monday. I sent it right back and got the 8Pre faster than PreSonus could have replaced my Firestudio. If you got something defective right out of the box you would want a replacement not a repair, right? Maybe I'm a little high strung but come on, this stuff ain't cheap!
I've just got one....
Havn't tried much recording yet. I can report that as a standard windows XP sound interface it is a little buggy......but this doesn't really matter as this isn't what its really meant for.
The config and cuemix software packages work perfectly.

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