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User Review

My best buy - Reviews MOTU UltraLite

is the value for money of the product that has motivated my choice.

I use almost all connectors, input output jack for my compressor for my multi effect spdif, midi to my synth .. and now with traktor to play in the evenings because I bought a 828 that replaces the studio.


drivers always up to date and super stable.

I used logic, live and traktor still no problem.

I can use all inputs and outputs simultaneously with no worries latency.


installation without any problem ..

configuration super easy ..

principle defined .. no I did not need the manual.


this is the oldest product of my studio and simply the best purchase I made for 7 years.

it's been over seven years since the interface makes me good service and I do not feel the need for more expensive.

what I like most is the value of his / price / flexibility.

I redid the choice a second time by taking a 828 for the studio which is almost similar to the ultralite and the compactness of lThis last makes it a perfect ally to play in the evenings.