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User Review

Effective and easy to use - Reviews PreSonus FP10

I buy the Presonus because I needed to save my entire group (rock).
I was able to record guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, vocals. I plugged in anything above aside for guitar effects.


The drivers are pretty reliable. I had some problems but I think it was more due to my OS (Windows Vista) because once changed, no more problem!
I reliais map Cubase to record up to 8 track simultaneously.
No latency and that's great!


I was completely novice in home studio to the acquisition of the Presonus and although it took me some time, I think I can say that the handling is quite easy and intuitive. The installation is itself passed without hooked!


I use it for 4 years now. I had not tried before because we had recommended me this one for its effectiveness, its simplicity and price / quality ratio.
What I like most is its eight pre-amplified input handy for simultaneous recording of multiple tracks (type battery). After it is true that the pre-amp is a little weak but I've always used the card without anything around or just with a POD and I managed to record the first album with my group and people are bluffing that be realized "home".
Nevertheless, with the experience I do not have that choice because after recording our album I discovered a VST drum (AD) ... I found myself with a map 8 tracks which I was using more than 2 tracks max simultaneous ...
After that, I advise drummers who want to make sound recordings of all their drums!