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RME fireface ? Noob needs advice please:) - forum RME Audio Fireface 400


forgive me if it's not the right forum (tried to post on the old forum(sound cards), but it keeps asking me to register and i did already).

here is my question:

i am owner of m-audio audiophile 2496 and i decided lately to go-on into the pro sound and i was told that the best card for me (i record audio with my Yamaha keyboard and v-drums and sometimes sing with condenser and also use e-guitar) and for my money will be the RME fireface 400 , people say that this card use great pre amps and the sound converters are best also..

do you think that this is the card or maybe i can find the same quality for less money?
*i do not need a lot of input cause i record one track at a time.
thanks ahead.
Hi Pikachu,

The StudioAtHome & Audiofanzine teams decided to merge their forums Yesterday.

We are going to tell the StudioAtHome members and to move the topics, threads & members to Audiofanzine soon (we'll try to do it today).

Welcome to Audiofanzine! :)

Definitively, the Fireface 400 is great. I personally own the fireface 800 and I'm very happy with it, and only have heard good things about the 400. The preamps are good and the drivers work well :)
Greetings for the forum's MARRIAGE ;)

this explain the issue's i had with the login.

thanks alot for the advice ,it means alot to me and you kinda gave me the go to buy it after i've spent a few days around a few forums and youtube.

yea..this tool looks pro with great features and most of all everyone's saying that the converters are great and preamps also sounds great, so...i am into order ff 400:)

thanks alot buddy.
I think all RME products are great. I've had a multiface for 6 years and i love it! the guys at RME are really on the ball and they're always updating drivers. plus their hotline is probably the quickest in the land. prettygood forum too.

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