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User Review

Very well for my use! - Reviews Steinberg MR816 CSX

I had the opportunity to test this interface, which technically met my expectations (8 inputs / 8 analog outputs, 1 ADAT I / O, headphone output 1) for studio use and live "service" my Metric Halo ULN-2. I must say that I am completely spoiled by the high-end audio that gives me my Metric Halo preamps, its converters, the MIO console and summing 80 bits, its quality DSP effects ... So I tend to quickly to the mouth as soon as it's a bit below: D You get used quickly to luxury, I guess!
One DI, shame I think.


With my MacBook Pro i7 retina, and Mac OS X 10.8.5, I have no desire for stability. I work with Pro Tools 10 and 11, and Ableton Live 9. Rolls Everything as it should and so far, not a single bug, latency and stability copy (buffer 64 to the registration, the total latency of around 4ms memory).


The installation was smooth, the interface is clockée via ADAT to my Metric Halo, and everything is done in a relatively intuitive ... the MR Editor software is fairly easy to access, routing is very basic, but for what I intended to do, I found what I needed without wasting time, so nothing to say.


Well I will not go around the bush: it sounds great. With always refer to my Metric Halo ULN-2, I first tested the D / A converters with tunes wave I know ultra well. Steinberg has a warmer sound less precise, less subs, a little more "velvet" in acute ... Very pleasant but still far less revealing than the ULN-2 (which is also very pleasant, by the way) . But it is not colored in a Apogee point, for example.

Then I tested acoustic and electric guitars and bass DI and several dynamic and condenser microphones. The preamps are very good, again we find this "warm, less accurate" side as the ULN-2, plus high medium well ahead (even listening preamps Steinberg through the monitoring of ULN-2). I preferred the ULN-2 on all sources except an active guitar that sounded surprisingly much better through the Steinberg. The DI input, it is just ok, not great for my taste.

Regarding DSP effects, I confess that I have not greatly increased. The reverb has not seemed to me extra, and the channel strip looks a little rough ... Again I'm used to ChannelStrip Metric Halo is really deadly, and I should spend a little more time with to make me a stronger opinion.

So basically: not as good as the ULN-2, but still very good! I clearly preferred Steinberg to Apogee Duet and Ensemble. So it is widely used professionally without worry.

There is a very noticeable difference in synchronizing the Metric Halo, it sounds frankly better, punchy, accurate, clear. So if you buy the interface only I recommend you invest in an external wordclock.

For what I want to do I do not really have to complain: I 8 channels of very good preamp / converters for a truly unbeatable price!