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User Review

Excellent in every way !!! - Reviews TC Electronic Konnekt 24D

At the time, I bought it for the firewire, versatility, MIDI, ADAT I / O and S / PDIF, 2 headphone jacks ... ..
And quality preamps.

I record analog synths, vocal mics (AKG 414 etc ...) my piano and sometimes guitar and bass ... On Macbook pro (2012) and iMac (2008) by location.
I said that my shots are used frequently in pro productions, mixed posteriori Studio Pro.


I never had a problem of stability, with no computer (I have used several with the same card.

I've never met limits tracks (I recorded to the maximum possible on this card with external ADAT preamp etc ...)

Latency is very low with a recent computer.
I mainly use Logic 9


Children installation, clear interface nothing to say ....


I used for almost 7 years with happiness and fun!

Most managed by the internal DSP are excellent, they are also useful in monitoring the socket (you sing with a small compressor and a super reverb in the headphones without latency) that plug in to the mix.

In a word, this card combines all the good ideas from all others in its class.
The two headphone outputs, one who mute the speakers, inputs 1 and 2 lined rear selectable by a simple switch, 3 scene memories for use in stand alone ....

I am a professional musician and I regularly use a lot of other cards in lots of circumstances. I certify that if there is a difference in sound with RME, it is almost inaudible. However, it is much more flexible to use and much more clever!

I just bought the Studio Konnekt 48 more inputs for remote control car at the price it is sold now it's just a killer !!! Provided I keep my old 24D for mobile situations or config "B".

Finally, I acknowledge the long period of TC electronic bashing to be partly responsible for the abandonment of the area by this brand .... This is unfortunate ...