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Excellent! (GC-BASS - Bass Guitar Case)

By Mungali, 06/06/2014
I recently, but it is perfectly suited for a Musicman Stingray and a Fender Jazz Bass (5 String American luxury) that are perfectly maintained inside, also suitable for a Fender Precision, but it is not as wide may move slightly inside.
I use it mainly for my Stingray and is perfect, pretty solid (unless you turn a lot), protects well the bass, light, with 2 open storage spaces and 4 pretty good closures.

At that price, I can not find fault him, there is nothing to say, very good value for money. If it again I would not hesitate one second (For a Stingray or JB, for or against Precision for other models I suggest you test it first because it moves a little wide) ...


By pazuzu13, 01/12/2014
I use since 2010 to replace the hard case with my JB sold in 1994, too heavy, a little tired, bulky and ESPECIALLY no possible storage except for the strap that I have to take away every time.
This Gator gave me a case that does not make the slightest shock, less bulky, lighter and + easy to store in a vehicle. Easy to carry as walking, as with 2 adjustable straps and a handle, it is thick enough and therefore safe. Inside the location is correct for a standard bass up to 2 cm longer than my standard JB.
The body relies on a beautiful collar (3-4 cm) + a small pillow scratched where rests the back of the neck and to raise and keep away the handle end mechanical, case closed.
+ But is there:
2 large external pockets, yes BIG, one fact and one 42x33cm 35x33cm, hide internal jacket pockets closed with Velcro allowing easy and adequate storage + a hand on the handle (15x30cm) and the end handle where, inside, comes a waterproof case. Very full and the price is of course a result.
I remake that choice without problem, and even I recommend it.