Hi everyone, this is my first post on this forum. I am not super technically inclined, but I'm not hopeless :lol:

Right now, I am brainstorming about some ways I can monitor my drum mics (going into the 8preX) and audio from another computer through one set of in ear monitors. That got me thinking if I even need a computer to use the 8preX if I'm not recording?

Here's my idea;

Have my mics run into the 8preX. From there, I would go out of output 9 and 10 on the back of the 8pre (which is defaulted to headphone 2, if I'm not mistaken) with TRS cables into a Behringer Xenyx 802's L and R inputs.

There, I could connect my laptop and monitor the 8preX signal as well as laptop audio.

I apologize if I am not making any sense, I can provide more information if need be. I also apologize if I have violated the forums rules in anyway.=

Thanks in advance