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How to troubleshoot no audio after Windows wake up? - forum Focusrite

I have the Pro24DSP on Firmware version 2761, Saffire MixControl 3.7 running on Windows 10 64bit. Whenever Windows 10 comes back from a sleep or hibernation, there is no audio. I have to restart the computer to get the audio working again. I have tried powering the Pro24DSP off/on and/or unplug/plug the firewire cable and still no audio. I see that there is audio signal going through the Saffire Mix Control but no sound. There is also no audio through the headphone either.The computer does recognized the Pro24DSP otherwise there would be no audio signal going through the Saffire Mix Control and there would be an exclamation mark on the Safire in the Windows Device Manager or missing altogether. I believed it has been happening like this for a long time.
I have the same problem with Windows 10 64Bit and Scarlett 18i6

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