I've looked everywhere for help with this and Focusrite hasn't gotten back to me and I'm stumped. I recently bought a Clarett Octopre to go with my Clarett 8Pre. I use Logic x and a Macbook. My band connected the two Claretts together using an optical cable and soundchecked all 16 inputs in Focusrite Control. Everything sounds great, all channels work.

But when we go into Logic to record, we add the 16 input channels (1-8 from the 8Pre, and 9-16 from the Octopre), and for some reason channels 9,10, and 12 will not register any signal in Logic. All other channels work fine (those are inputs 1,2 and 4 on the Octpre). I've been trying to figure it out for a week. Nothing I try works. We have the sample rates all matched (both units, the Macbook, and logic) at 44. Logic has been updated. The OS is Catalina.

Has anyone else experienced any issues like this?