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User reviews on Fog Machine products

Audiofanzine FR's review (Le Maitre - Neutron Hazer)

By Audiofanzine FR, 02/11/2008
(Originally written by djpioneer/translated from Audiofanzine FR)


I bought it in October 2008 but I had already tested it before.

I did a thorough research on the web to find "my precious" and I think I found it.

No heater and no compressor which means:
No odor
No noise
It virtually never gets dirty
No residues or deposits
Extremely low power consumption (250 watts)
Extremely low fluid consumption (approx. half a gallon, 2 lt, per 130 operating hours)
Light weight (19.8 lb.)
Very compact (small cube of 11.8" per side fitting in a vinyl flightcase).
Integrated 2 liter (approx. half a gallon) tank.
Automatic circuit-cleaning system when you turn off the unit.

The things I like least:

- The price
- The optional DMX module without on/off mode implementation (this means it's even simpler to use 0/10-volt control signal)
- The fixed power chord (I prefer a detachable power chord for Powercon). I give it 9/10 because of this.

I previously owned units with heater. They always generated some sort of odor and had excessive fluid consumption.

The value for money isn't excellent. This is a professional product so it is expensive but it will be paid off very quickly because of all the advantages mentioned above. Especially regarding consumption.

Based on my experienced... I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again. Before buying it I had only one concern: the price. But when I think about it, I believe every light show system should be equipped with this unit. A good fog machine emphasizes every lighting system, even a low-cost unit made in China. With scans it's a real pleasure.
The MVS model is used for bigger venues (Lion King or Liane Folie shows) because of the higher flow and its extended DMX implementation.
It's lots of fun...

Turn Off The Light's review (Jem - Technohaze)

By Turn Off The Light, 22/12/2008
I used this machine Presta in welcome. Really simpathique for small room, a good flow with any endurance test. I find it really simpathique with its small control box to adjust the flow rate. I just had a big problem with the liquid sensor that indicated to me that there was no liquid when the can was new. A few strokes after it worked perfectly. Not bad

séb08's review (Martin - Magnum Hazer)

By séb08, 15/04/2005
Hi I saw him run is more than a machine smoke machine fog, I've finally opt for LOOK at esl has DBiT power works well ... short tr s happy, not consume too much, Martin is more beautiful but good
will see in esl

News Fog Machine

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Published on 02/03/12
The KS LF-1000 is a fog machine by former engineers of Antari Company.

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