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Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor

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Perfect for moderate noise

By sonofanzinedom, 10/10/2014
Noise gate pedal with exit and return loop to integrate noisy pedals.


Very simple no manual.
An input to an output loop pedals noisy (you can put the other after) a return loop pedals and noisy output to channel 1 or 2 of the amp.
I personally have put my fake wampler tape echo in the loop of the amp so after the noise gate, and my harmonize HarmonyMan at the beginning before the NS-2 for the direct detection of the clean guitar.


Perfect for up to half on guitar with two OD OD + one Disto


As I have long asked what pedal noise gate buy, between the BOSS NS-2 cheap, especially used, and the ISP Decimator (but in this case that the V1, V2, the Gold? ) I give you my opinion after buying the BOSS NS-2 and three days of testing, it can be used to indecisive.
So on my system behind Wampler Hotwired (double OD pedal and distortion) and CUSTOM SCREAMER home Techniguitare (OD) when I clicks OD and distortion hotwired the NS mode 2 Threshold reduction in third and Decay 0 it's perfect, no change in sound and zero noise!
Same thing with the OD OD Hotwired + custom screamer.
If I clicks all for the sound of death that kills (bodybuilder donf with harmonic everywhere) in the same position there is a small bit of noise you can hear when I stop playing, not really a problem for I think we should push the NS-2 to more than half (almost three quarters) to find the perfect silence. Here you listen carefully you may realize that you lose a little bite so acute in sound but really must compare / OFF to realize.
After I tried pushing the NS-2 background (Decay always zero) where we eat a little sharp, but you have to have the stuff that makes a lot of noise to get there.
So I would say that with the stuff pretty clean the NS-2 is just fine, no need to spend more.
I do not put 10 because in these entrenchments she eats some of his, but I was impressed with the cleaning action of this pedal MR Clean!
The only other noise gate I've used before is the one built into my Rocktron Chameleon (Hush old version) that was used to clean her after my machine Cream H & K tube preamp that was quite loud, it worked well too but version 2 OD pedal behind this distortion and MS-2 small price (used anyway) is a bargain.

Very helpful ally against single-coil hum

By tom.schryer.9, 06/10/2014
I love my NS-2. Single-coil pickups (IMHO) have a purer sinusoidal waveform than humbuckers since a humbucker has two rows of pickups which are slightly out of phase but then combined. However, single-coils are noisy (60-cycle hum from lights, etc.). What to do? NS-2! Techy point: the unit can be noisy (less effective) with some power supplies so be careful about that (see below).


nobs are a little mysterious but not really a problem. I use it so my soft passages are free of 60-cycle hum. Ever hear Buddy Guy live? Quiet passages can be real attention getters.


Mainly 2 "Strat" clones: both single-coiled ChordBenders, one in Nashville tuning (which I think of as "mandolin sound" & just have to use as sonic spice).


Boss regulates the price but some NS-2 dealers offer free stuff (like a power supply that actually gets along with the NS-2) so include “free” when you Google for where to buy one. The knobs control a lowest usable volume & once your signal falls below that you get silence so balance that limitation with noise control. Very sturdy. My effects board has a noise controller but the NS-2 is much better.

Super Tool

By gregours100, 18/08/2014
Noise gate with a loop to put the noisy effects. Ability to power other pedals. All analog


Input from the tuner in the loop, I place a wah a compressor and a blues driver equa. Output to the effects on the bases or the time modulation. . Feeds other effects via a garland not supplied. Easy to use. I do not use the mute.


it works the thunder. The equa single facade breath like a herd of beef asthmatic. Placed in total silence loop. Do not color my sound as described in the notice before it is completely neutral.


Probably one of the most useful and functional I've ever bought pedals. Without it, my head jvm 410 feedback very quickly. With a dream. Just the little noise normal dun tube amp. The settings are very simple and adapt to his gear and his game

It does its job

By Rodito, 04/02/2014
Pedal noise gate
An input and an output
An effects loop with send and return
A knob threshold
A knob decay
Two modes: noise suppressor and mute


I had occas' so I downloaded a manual of various Boss pedals. Even reading it I did not quite understand what the purpose of the mute. When I enabled it, everything is silent ...
I did not quite understand what the purpose of the decay knob either. By using it I found that it reduces the threshold noise suppression, so I think there is a subtlety here to exploit.
Otherwise, it's pretty simple, just put amp and pedal in the effects loop, turn the knob to find happiness and then voila. For my part, I put the wha-wha outside the effects loop (between the guitar and NS2) have found that it was a strange noise in the loop. Then, matter of taste, but I put chorus and phaser between amp and noise gate. I put only the overdrive and preamp in the effects loop.


Turning the knob and presto, noise interference disappear. However, it must make a compromise between the light and saturated, but generally does not distort the sound. Only clear sound when the threshold is beyond 5 (but this is already enough for a good distortion).
Attention, it does not make miracles, do not believe we will be able to reproduce riffs cowboys from hell as dimebag darrell, but it does its job very well. Once we stop playing, no sound.


I hear a lot from it and then the boss NS2 is a bad pedal, the ISP decimator is much better blah. Anyway, luckily the ISP is much better given the price difference! So for the price / quality ratio, I suggest NS2 as boss noise gate economic. It does not work miracles, but does its job very well (which is more or less to remove noise) without distorting the sound, which is more than satisfactory for me.
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