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Electro-Harmonix Hum Debugger

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Works great at a price

By MountAnDewMe, 16/01/2013
The Electro Harmonix hum debugger is truely a one trick pony. It has a quarter inch in and a quarter inch out and one toggle switch to select the amount of hum to remove. It is a true bypass pedal and has a good stomp switch. It can only be powered by an AC adapter and only by the one supplied with it so DO NOT LOOSE IT. I'm not sure how it achieves the effect but it does remove the hum associated with single coil pickups.


The manual was incredibly simple but the operation of the pedal is a no brainer, have hum turn it on, still have hum flip the switch to strong. It is meant to be used in your effects chain before the amp.


This can be used with a guitar or base that has noisy single coil pickups. I guess it will also help if you have a poor lighting situation that is causing your humbuckers to hum. I am impressed in how it does what it states but there is a price to be paid. A price that gets steeper as you increase the level of hum removal. I find that personaly if I am using a guitar with vintage single coil pickups it is because I am desiring a touch sensitive playing experience. I want all the subtle nuances to come through. Every pick stroke is important. All the effort put into putting dynamics into the piece is there for a reason. These are the things that become important to me in that situation. While the unit will remove the hum I also have found that it not only dulls the sound a bit but worse it takes away almost as much of the dynamics of the passage as it does the hum. Playing under the strong setting to me is pure hell and I would rather rely on a coil tapped humbucker than be stuck with the finest single coil having its soul robbed from it. While the loss is not as bad under the normal setting there is still hum present in the signal at this setting. It always returns to the question of is the hum even really that bad compaired to the feel being lost and the tone being dulled. I do not know if it is a bad design or just something that can not be seperated in life.


The thing I hate about this is it does work but in my opinion the price of quality and feel loss is too high. I may be a bit prissy when it comes to this so take it with a grain of salt. I know there are people that can not stand noise at any price. If you are old enough to remember it is very similar to the effect the old Dolby noise reduction would have on our cassette tapes. I would never buy this unit again and I honestly do not know what makes me keep it around. It does what it is billed to do but not the way that satisfies me. From what I see from other sources this has always been a love it or hate it unit. Definitly something that needs to be tried before its bought and of course there sre other ways around at least limiting the hum from a noisy axe and although they all require some effort I feel that effort is more than worth it.

skabombe's review

By skabombe, 10/05/2011
1 switch between "normal" and "strong", a bypass switch. Operates in 7.5 V, it is therefore imperative to connect the power supply manufacturer. This is the only really compelling.


The Hum Debugger is used exclusively to reduce "hum" produced by magnetic pickups. I use it mostly for my P90 Gibson CF-330E which is a lot of noise, and also with my Telecaster. Downstream, the signal is split and passes most often by a Deluxe Memory Man (then in the amp) and a DI.


Very effective in normal mode, no need to switch to strong. I have not had the problems listed in other reviews. The noise is greatly reduced and the sound barely changed.


I've had over 2 years. Provided for use at the beginning of the chain, is a pedal that does exactly what is asked. And since she is the only one to do, at least to my knowledge, well, no one pays too much talk ...

Okay to stop hum, not great for other noise.

By badgerific, 15/04/2011
Simple to use stompbox format, just plug your guitar cable into the input and your amp cable on the output (1/4") and plug the power supply that comes with it and you're ready to go. The only controls that this pedal has is a toggle switch for normal/strong hum and the bypass footswitch. It's true bypass so that when the effect isn't engaged it doesn't effect the sound of your signal at all.


Very easy to use, this is a pedal which I had on all the time when I had it and the only thing that needs to be adjusted is the normal/strong toggle switch depending on the amount of noise in your signal chain. Can't get much easier to use than this pedal.

I think this simplicity could possibly mean that it's more limited than other noise suppressors/gates.


I used this pedal with various basses and guitars and while it did cut hum from my signal it also added a strange sound which I can only think to describe as a subtle ring modulation kind of sound. I thought it was just my pedal or something else in my rig but apperently other people have reported the same problem so that may be something to consider when buying this pedal. It's because of this ring modulation sound that I tradded this pedal and won't be getting another.


I dislike the wierd ring modulation sound this pedal made and it's quite a large pedal so I couldn't justify keeping it. I think there are other noise suppressing devices that would be a better choice such as an ISP Noise Decimator. If the strange noise wasn't present on this pedal then I'm sure I would still have it today.

The thing I did like about this pedal is how simple it was to use even if it means it's slightly more limited.

I temper the previous opinion!

By Jazzstang, 10/05/2010
Bah, who pedal EHX suprime the "hum" of a guitar pickups. Something basic with a footswitch (ON / OFF) and switch (Normal / Strong). Nothing to say is simple and effective.


It's EHX, nothing could be simpler ... The switch selects the power mitigation. There are only two possible parameter, so it's not complicated. Pedal demand 7.5v so that, that one can not care for the balls cons ...


In normal, it doesn't hurt, but on some guitars, there is a bit of hum in strong, it colors the sound too ... not bad but not great ...


You should know that, as announced on the website and the manual, this pedal removes the hum of the guitar, and therefore more suitable for single coils. In this use, it is rather effective, the normal setting is often sufficient, but occasionally some guitars are in need of strong adjustment in this case the pedal will send back a ring mod sound rather boring ...
Will need to know is that I have found that the hum is more stronger, the effect of ring mod will be marked on the normal setting. So do not use it to remove the hum of power supply, let alone the mass of buzz, it's a pedal to start the chain, just after the guitar, it will not work after a distortion, a comp or other noisy animal is not a noise supressor!
For those who played by 2 meters from their amp, the hum is too strong, so it is useless to use this pedal.
Ultimately, I sold this pedal because I got used to shield the inside of my guitar (+ copper cable) and use the cable double shielded floating mass. With that, I did not need. I think this pedal is very dear to it, that's why the have sold a paltry sum, I think the person who currently uses must be satisfied for the price, however, over 50 €, I do not recommend it. Later, from there to spit on him as did the last person to have posted his opinion is disgusting is that behind on a big muff pi Mudhoney setting, it is useless and serves ill ring mod, but it is not made for that!

A good pedal, trying preferably before buying to make sure it is suitable for jobs that we want to do.
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