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Full-Range PA Speaker Cabinets

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Full-Range PA Speaker Cabinets
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User reviews on Full-Range PA Speaker Cabinet products

I did not like the sound it gave to guitars (Behringer - Eurolive B215XL)

By JimboSpins, 20/01/2013
The Behringer B215XL is an 15 inch passive PA Speaker with a 1000 watt capacity. The price of it was very appealing to me at the time. It was 199 when I purchased them (400 for the pair). I have used other Behringer PA speakers in the past and some of them have been really bad sounding speakers. The reason I chose to go with these was because I was at an event, and they were using them. The sound was great; it was an outdoor even and was focusing more on speeches rather than music. All of the speakers that came up and said a few things sounded great. I did not purchase a pair of these to run my DJ shows or anything with the bands that I work with. I wanted to have a good set of PA speakers for more of weddings and banquet type of stuff.
Since I purchase these I have only used them officially maybe 6 times and only one of those times focused on playing music. It has worked great each time, and these have become my go to speakers when I am at a smaller event that has speakers that are going to talk to the crowd. I have also used these once at a personal event of my own (cookout) and it sounded amazing. They are very light and portable. They also get very loud and the sound is crystal clear. The only issue that I have with them is when it comes to using them for live instruments; I did not like the tonal quality it provided for guitars and other instruments. It just didn’t give a natural sound to the acoustic guitars and some of the bass guitars.
I even used the B215XL with about 4 different microphones and I still was not happy with the sound of the guitars coming through these speakers. So it has just kind of been put away for smaller events that focus more on speeches like weddings and cookouts. I do not use them much, but instead of purchasing something else I figured I will just keep them in the storage unit in case someone wants to rent them out.

The Bass was not good! (JBL - JRX115)

By JimboSpins, 20/01/2013
The JBL JRX 115 cost me about 700 dollars brand new when I purchased them back in 2008. They are made well and will last a long time but the only thing that I didn’t like about them was the low end sound. I felt like the bass/ low frequencies just were not clean enough for what I wanted to use them for. This was very upsetting to me because I am a huge fan of JBL speakers and live sound equipment. I felt like they dropped the ball with the low end on these speakers.
The mids and highs sounding great, and the bass sounds ok when the speakers are not playing at anywhere near max volume. But once you start to crank up the volume I could hear major flaws in the way the bass sounded. I have even tried them with several different mixers, but no matter what mixer or style of music I played it still was not to my liking.
I kept these speakers for no more than 90 days then could not return them to the store so I had to sell them on Ebay. I almost got back what I paid for them so I was happy with it. If you really do not care how clean your low end sound is then these may be for you. But with the style of music that I partake in (dance, techno, hiphop and pretty much anything upbeat) these just would not satisfy me.
To JBL’s credit, these are more of the “affordable” speakers that they came out with that year. I have used about 7 different speakers from JBL and all of them sounded pretty good especially the ones on the higher price range. Maybe I just expected too much out of these speakers, or maybe I expect too much out of JBL because of some of the stuff I have got from them before. But these where a disappointment to me!

Good sound at a GREAT price! (Behringer - Eurolive VS1220)

By JimboSpins, 21/01/2013
The EuroLive VS1220 is a 600 watt 12 inch PA Speaker with a great sound for this price. These speakers only cost about a hundred bucks a piece and will give you a very clean sound. These are a great speaker to get if you are in the market to purchase your first PA speaker because of the quality and price. I have used many of the “EuroLive” speakers from Behringer and I am a fan of all of them because they keep them affordable and the sound quality is solid.
For this speaker to be the price that it is, I did not expect the low end to have this kind of bass! It has the low end sound of a 1000 dollar PA speaker. Plus the highs are very clear and concise without being to sharp or piercing. I was very shocked when I first heard music from the VS1220, it sounded very big and wide in a pretty good sized club.
These speakers are also made well and lightweight. I do not own them anymore because they didn’t have enough power for use to want to keep them but a few bands that I use to work with would rent these from me all of the time and they loved gigging with them. For the price you will not find anything better on the market, and if you want to spend some more money look into Behringers higher end EuroLive series PA speakers. They have some really good ones that cost more than the VS1220 does but they are still affordable and provide an even better sound. The peak power of these is only 600 watts which is pretty much the reason I didn’t keep them because I just never used them. The frequency response is also good for the price. They weigh about 40 pounds but it doesn’t feel like it because of the way the weight is distributed and the handles being built in; they are pretty easy to move around.

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Published on 04/18/15
Studiomaster introduces at Musikmesse a new series of portable loudspeakers, called Drive and featuring two active and passive models.

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