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User Review

Anonymous's review - Samson Technologies RS15 HD

Pregnant (which seems to be made of wood with a paint coating) finish black carpeted trapezoidal compact.
2 handles on the sides, 2 + 6.35 2 Speakon jacks.
the grid, well screwed, not transmit vibrations "weird" even at full capacity. moreover, it is really well done, beautiful, and allows optimum passage.
account should be careful against the transport because it has no "corners" of protections and repeated use, the carpet always ends up in the corner bar.
insert a standard 35 mm is present to set up.

transducers (I have not yet removed):

a 15 'for the LF and titanium compression of a' for HF.
filter protects the HF by a lamp.
a horn (plastic) the width of the LF with a dispersion rather "large" can use it "very closely".

manufacturer data:

300 watts RMS into 8 ohms.
47Hz to 19KHz BP.
SNR 96 dB (at 1 meter for one watt)
124 dB max noise
No data on the filter cutoff.
vents granted.


545 mm wide
785 mm high
465 mm deep

weight: 22.5 Kgs.


tested with an amp on 8ohms Thomann of 2x300, or about the same range.

low level, it seems fairly linear and remains reasonably "accurate" for this type of material.
it is against rather noisy 2.5 to 6 KHz and it will even out the pain of losing the eardrums if we take the high speed, but still there too, she finally said enough.
it makes the brightness of the sound that he sent and, of equalized, reproduces my test pieces (sade (hang on to your love, Jezebel), the splendid (live), Brassens (best of) Michael Jackson (billie jeans), Daft Punk (homework)).

always to the ear (no meter on hand), by injecting the tone test live (ableton) at different speeds, the bump is confirmed in the mid / upper midrange.

advertised bandwidth seems to be observed (at the bottom of the spectrum), that's something.

sound "slap" a lot, which is not displease me. (Well this is not the "click" of the RCF ART)

to complete some level of sound reproduction / listening comfort / use:

outside it is not bad, but breaks a little ears inside fairly closed, unless even say as above.
on the other hand, its failure to bump into the top of the spectrum is found to be a little advantage when used with a box and we are looking for an optimization of power / noise.

for the note and without calculating the price:

if I'm in "demanding", I put a score of 5, ie means.

mode 'tan j'égalise worse and takes only positive from what I demand, "I would put a 7, that is good.

in "value" and final grade, she finds herself in the middle, ie a 6 Good.

for aesthetics, it is not innovative but it's still beautiful, which is still of great interest for benefits.

it should make many services!