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User Review

KirKill's review - Dunlop JHF1 Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face

Hendrix Fuzz signed by Dunlop
component silicon
1 volume knob
1 knob fuzz
1 input & 1 output
1 switch on / off
Not true bypass as the most Dunlop
fairly large box




Well I'll compare it with the Red Fuzz Benrod, immediately the sound is cold it lacks presence it seems that it is synthetic fuzz sounds shy is not chaos as announced on "voodoo child "to be rendered a little less cheap I boost with a boost-type drive TS9 immediately gives it more body ... but it is not terrible it lacks bass, attack ... it is not as straightforward as the Red Fuzz Benrod, the contribution of Silicon give the impression of staying with the cap A. .. it might be the call Signature Fuzz Jane Birkin at least we know what to expect lol "ex fan of 60s .."


The fuzz when pushed well is chaos and you can also have a drive greasy and subtle depending on the settings, I can not find this side with the Fuzz Face is missing something ... as if the product is not successful after the fan to try the Dunlop Bonamassa I find it a little more spit and made a more musical on the other hand it is Germanium as Benrod, purchase to avoid For my part, signed Hendrix argument is purely commercial ....