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jimiric90's review - Dunlop JHF1 Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face

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If vowed need the manual, it must be something other than the zic!!
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For fans of the nineteen 60'-70 ', is the best!! In addition to moving from an almost clean the mega sauce playing with the volume of the guitar, so ideal for use on amplifier crunchet lamps with a team of strat single coil!


I use it for some months and I had already bought and sold several fuzzface dunlop (silicon or germanium) that I had not given satisfaction!! At one point I had a Fulltone 69 'which really excellent silent but I spar a bit too fast ... SNIFF !!!!!
Anyway, I found this simple and ct wild when mmeun arrche with little substantive debruit pushing donf rglage the fuzz!
<strong>When we fell into it small, we can not pass without!!</strong>