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User Review

matos1977's review - Dunlop JHF1 Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face

Classic Fuzz team era of the transistor BC108 (Silicon)
Fuzz used by Hendrix to replace the Fuzz face germanium and D. GILMOUR including Dark Side of the Moon.


Operation is simple: a child's play there are only 2 knobs!


We love it or hate it: the sound fuzz is spcial trs.

For my part I Discoveries guitar with Hendrix, then through the Start / Fuzz face, so I'm in love with the sound of the pedals. The grain is one of the album Band of Gypsys.

The pedals also used by D. t GILMOUR on the album Dark Side. To make the solo is so <span style="text-decoration: underline;">perfect</span> Time (with a good delay!).

I like the pedals on his grain remaining contrlable compared to a Big Muff. In Ralite both pedals are cousins ​​but not twins! They have nothing to see! For my part I vnre the Fuzz Face. It sounds DGIG with low imprgnes trs. It is not at all unlike a versatile Big Muff, but what a start! we feel the quality! With my new Fuzz Face Big Muff My gt in a corner of the house ...

I use it with a team of Mexican Stratocaster Fender Custom Shop 69 pickups. IDAL is to use an amp lamp really! The sound of an amplifier transistor DGRAD, even of good quality (a little tuft compress. This one feels as if even the same terrible sensations of a transistor provided that It is originally a good sound with a speaker to "open" sound. But nothing beats the lamp organic living with the Fuzz Face.


MXR Dyna Comp with the EHX Memory Man Deluxe ... Proco Rat 2 and this is part of the pedals of my must-pedal-board.

For anything I spare, I love it! It is legendary!

The price remains terribly expensive ... This is the black point of the object (170! What abuse!). Anyway, the quality of legends and myth have a price! Jim Dunlop and has understood! Especially since you have to pay the operating rights of the trademark Hendrix (c) their homeowners! In my opinion, Jim Dunlop could do without this marketing ploy, since the price is rpercute directly to the consumer ... But ... has used nothing rler! The piggy bank is broken now it should be fun!

Fans of the 70's, Ruez you to a fuzz face (even with OCCAZ ') you will not regret it. For smaller wallets do you buy a Proco Rat 2, it's cheap and send! (Note there is no substitute for face grain of the Fuzz, but can be an alternative to play a good or a Red House Voodoo Chile Slight Return!).

I have both personal and I do not regret my purchase!