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Electro-Harmonix Big Muff PI

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big muff

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this is the BIG MUFF. and nothing else.

By shallmar, 23/10/2014
- See the notice above. Fuzz analog tres, but then very typical. 3 knobs. jack in / out. Warning: the power supply is either by 9V battery or either a minijack connector own headphone guy this pedal, and former US. qu'EHX wonder has not changed ca. But hey, an adapter beast was € 3.50 and AC plugs in all serenity on any garland / PSU type boss. however, for the ridiculous price of the big muff, one can forgive this gap.


yes, it's simple.

the manual is simple too.

OUi and the edition is made simple thanks to the knobs very reactive. we do not care less about you. Or it is the written sustain, and well ... it sustain, your rating last long.


Ah the big muff ... Love it or hate it.

In my debut guitar, I bought it solely on its reputation, the detour for a bargain anywhere.

My first impressions? "Caca / yuck / ca is yucky and spin eardrums" I wanted me debarasser.Avant the yield to a low price, I plugged one last time, months after having a row closet.

But after having wrung a lot of high gain pedal, I glimpse that big muff, she not cheat, she does not try to reconcile the overdrive, the distortion is live dirty, nasty, and what I did not like eventually seduce me. Horribly typed reconaissable, ca amused me a lot to play clean and break ca pressing the knob and swing the power chord has galore.

it amuses me, am surprised by his grain, or two years ago I would have returned to live mag saying "this is crap"

She is docile, in its visible appearance of a German tank of WW2. the knobs do what they are asked, always borrowing their dirt. But with other pedals as a compressor and an equalizer, it allows itself to tame, and psychedelic solos pope david gilmour are with a strat.

reconaissable of 1000, I finally gave me part with it. I not use it all the time, but when you have to send the sauce, she reigns unchallenged in the DB. sharp and yucky it right.


-some months.

- No.

- I love his sound, the challenge it poses to the master, its ridiculous price / I do not like his huge size, its special power supply.

_ QP report ... for a PS3 game, you fumble a legend of sound. this is much cheaper than the competition. but also differ.

- If I would do this choice? Not at the beginning guitar, I have taken a more mainstream thing kind boss OD1. but according to my tastes, a big muff would inevitably landed on my PB at one time or another, and I regret not already have it, I rediscovered.

sharp, dirty, huge, boring, it is a challenge that only those who give trouble will appreciate the value.

Of fat fuzz distortion to

By Kaiser-Sose, 28/08/2014
This is the legendary Big Muff Pi Electro Harmonix home, no need to dwell on a pedal that most of us know, it is only an analog preamp distortion with transistors.


Usage is could not be more simple, volume, tone and sustain.

Please note a little flat, the connection to the power that made Jack Mini.

The manual has remained in its box, as with all pedals like this, it's plug and play!

Editing sound is simple, the tone lets go of his deep in the low to fuzz sound in the treble.


I use it in my pedalboard second position, just after a boss DS1. I play it mostly with a Mexican Stratocaster and a Fender Pro Junior.

One can easily find the distortion sounds like Gilmour of Pink Floyd, or sounds extremely saturated like to play stoner rock to the Ancestors.

Note also that if the rendering on my fender is excellent, this is not the case at the marshall of a friend, to his home, the precision is not really to go ...


I use it for 6 months now and this pedal gives me a very good lead in sustain and precise (on the fender) for my solos but also lowering the tone a chance to play as a rhythm guitarist, is So a very good pedal that EHX sells us here, especially with a price / quality ratio like this is hard to beat.

I tested the blackstar pedals lamps that do not believe me at all, I hesitated with that in Hiwatt but the price made me decide, but with experience and more money I would have made the Hiwatt.

A good first fuzz

By Paul Iron, 13/08/2014
This is an analog fuzz that requires special EHX power supply. For this particularly sucks detail I put only 7.10. Because the rest is solid! It is big and takes a lot of space on the pedalboard. Together with the name "Big Muff Pi" was it really expect anything else?


It sets the tone with three knobs: Volume, Tone, and Sustain. I read the manual for fun and frankly it serves no purpose. It is well aware that one of the settings are! It's simple but not necessarily ultra clear with the name of the knobs so 8/10 for me.


This is where it all happens is not it? After all if you add pedals at our feet is not for fun! In short, it is a very thick fuzz that will not go anywhere, I'd rather tell you. It is bold, aggressive and synthetic. At the same time it is known for it's Grandma, and in this area it dominates. I put 7/10 because it is in its domain but not mat because if the settings are too extreme it gets boiled sound !!


I for almost 1 year and I must say that since I have tried other fuzz that most caught my eye. Nevertheless, I am glad because this is a good first fuzz that lets you know if you like the effect or not and if so whether you want a little more lace effect or even more fat ! (I'm in the first case) The only real drawbacks are its size because the price is quite modest and unconventional power supply.
In short, if I had to re-decide for a first fuzz I re-choose the Big Muff Pi again but perhaps nano or as little.

Back to the source

By Un-pop, 04/06/2014
A is a boss screen has taken the place of the power supply jack, YEEEEEESSSSSS!
The rest is standard for this type of pedal.


Exeptionel nothing in the settings of this fuzz, grip immediate.


Ben the good is happiness. It's creamy, it has a small velcro effect, it sounds as hell ... hendrix the smashing pumpkins through jack white is THE sound alright!


Went through a lot of makes and models, this was my first fuzz, it will be my last. When I play with, I do not know what I can want more as this pedal agree, I love it! And the look of this big box has its chrome, it does really well!
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  • Manufacturer:Electro-Harmonix
  • Model:Big Muff PI
  • Series:Big Muff
  • Category:Fuzz pedals
  • Added in our database on: 04/16/2004

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