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A good first fuzz - Reviews Electro-Harmonix Big Muff PI

This is an analog fuzz that requires special EHX power supply. For this particularly sucks detail I put only 7.10. Because the rest is solid! It is big and takes a lot of space on the pedalboard. Together with the name "Big Muff Pi" was it really expect anything else?


It sets the tone with three knobs: Volume, Tone, and Sustain. I read the manual for fun and frankly it serves no purpose. It is well aware that one of the settings are! It's simple but not necessarily ultra clear with the name of the knobs so 8/10 for me.


This is where it all happens is not it? After all if you add pedals at our feet is not for fun! In short, it is a very thick fuzz that will not go anywhere, I'd rather tell you. It is bold, aggressive and synthetic. At the same time it is known for it's Grandma, and in this area it dominates. I put 7/10 because it is in its domain but not mat because if the settings are too extreme it gets boiled sound !!


I for almost 1 year and I must say that since I have tried other fuzz that most caught my eye. Nevertheless, I am glad because this is a good first fuzz that lets you know if you like the effect or not and if so whether you want a little more lace effect or even more fat ! (I'm in the first case) The only real drawbacks are its size because the price is quite modest and unconventional power supply.
In short, if I had to re-decide for a first fuzz I re-choose the Big Muff Pi again but perhaps nano or as little.