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Of fat fuzz distortion to - Reviews Electro-Harmonix Big Muff PI

This is the legendary Big Muff Pi Electro Harmonix home, no need to dwell on a pedal that most of us know, it is only an analog preamp distortion with transistors.


Usage is could not be more simple, volume, tone and sustain.

Please note a little flat, the connection to the power that made Jack Mini.

The manual has remained in its box, as with all pedals like this, it's plug and play!

Editing sound is simple, the tone lets go of his deep in the low to fuzz sound in the treble.


I use it in my pedalboard second position, just after a boss DS1. I play it mostly with a Mexican Stratocaster and a Fender Pro Junior.

One can easily find the distortion sounds like Gilmour of Pink Floyd, or sounds extremely saturated like to play stoner rock to the Ancestors.

Note also that if the rendering on my fender is excellent, this is not the case at the marshall of a friend, to his home, the precision is not really to go ...


I use it for 6 months now and this pedal gives me a very good lead in sustain and precise (on the fender) for my solos but also lowering the tone a chance to play as a rhythm guitarist, is So a very good pedal that EHX sells us here, especially with a price / quality ratio like this is hard to beat.

I tested the blackstar pedals lamps that do not believe me at all, I hesitated with that in Hiwatt but the price made me decide, but with experience and more money I would have made the Hiwatt.