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User Review

incredible - Reviews Fulltone Octafuzz

big fuzz + octave, all analog course.
input, output, volume boost, switch to the octave, and supply. Note that this same plug is reversed (+ center). the problem is that the weight of the pedal is on the + precisely therefore impossible to connect the pedal (with an adapter which reverses polarity) on a daisy chain with other pedals having a mass to -. therefore separate power supply or power supply required strip isolated 9v battery if bah ..


2 knobs, a switch, and that's all. the rest is done with the guitar.


this pedal is amazing. I use it only for the octave, with the boost and volume to a minimum 3/4.

the fuzz effect is very progressive in terms of the attack of the string. with a soft attack, the octave will really hear, with a larger attack, the sound becomes very fat, very fuzz, great everything. play two notes at the same time gives a ring modulator effect very compelling and interesting, especially on fast passages.

most videos of this pedal that I could find on youtube is content with the present boost bottom, so j'me would like to post one of my videos where you can clearly hear the octave and ring modulator effect in some places:


what I love about this pedal is the range of different sound that can be achieved simply with how to attack the strings. it is an instrument in itself. the quality is impeccable.

the only downside is having to add fresh food ...