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Just a marvel of fuzz - Reviews Ibanez 59 Standard Fuzz

It's a simple fact trs. A former fuzz pedals. Analog, of course.
Premire note: potentiomtres are linear. They are only two: one called "balance" that RULES in fact the power of sound, the other named "fuzz deth" which can add or remove grain effect.
Then, two push buttons. One that simply launches the effect ("fuzz on") and the second which adds a modulation of Tone as a octaver almost making her a little more aggressive may be ("tone change").
It's a dating pedals of the 70, so no external power. Just a 9V battery.


Buy without a manual, but use super simple ... not a lot of combinations finally.
You just try to find his sound. Be careful though the association with other pedals, it is necessary to test several chaining.
Personally, I use it with a tremolo, I just APRS place in the chain.


Effect implacable. Simple and compact. Everything is matrisable, allowing noise and feedback, but just enough and that we can CONTRL very easy, depending on the relative positioning the amp or choking the strings.
I play a Gretsch G5129 Electromatik. In my string from pedals, there is a Boss OD2 (Overdrive), a Boss Tremolo, a Electroharmonix QTron Micro, a Delay and Fuzz from Danelectro.
The sound of the Fuzz standard is sometimes too loud (especially the coupled Qtron), I am therefore obliged to fall back on the Fuzz Danelectro, which is rounder and more "soft".
But the couple Fuzz Standard Tremolo is simply sublime ... trs crampsienne and garage. In short what I wanted.


I use it for just one week, but I'm dj conquered.
It possde vintage sound I was looking for and I could not find the pedals rcentes.
As to the report qualitprix this MODEL can not qu'tre bought "used", it dpend the seller and its prtentions. I think I've got a great deal, compared to 200 or 300 euros in sales prices that I saw dj.