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User Review

Mathmathxc's review - Ableton Live Lite 8

I got in a bundle with my sound card MAUDIO audiophile, this installation is no problem on a Windows XP, because the software was present in the bundle there is no configuration problem, nor incompatibilities. It also works with my Behringer UCA 202. No paper manual, but in any case the pdf is available on the net.


The app runs on a Sempron 1.8Ghz, 2.5GB RAM, 2 hard drives in RAID0 and a map MAUDIO audiophile 192.
Runs very well if you're not too hungry plugins, but hey it's the lite version and saw that it was a PC dedicated computer music this configuration is very stable.


I use it since August 2008, I used to work with other sequencers like Cubase, but for electronica and hip hop I think this is a very good sequencer, and is perfect for any treatment or background sound live. I did not pay me I will not complain about the price. However it requires an adjustment period if one is familiar with working with other sequencers. For me it is perfect for the prod and the live, otherwise it is a matter of taste.