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Apple Logic Pro 8

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The All-in-One Logic

While certain sequencer editors are steadily increasing their prices, Apple has taken the other route and is now offering Logic for under 500€. Would it be wise to spend more? read more…

User Reviews

songboy's review

By songboy, 01/05/2009
Logic 8 installed without any problems as well as the update installed without any problems. Being that this software was built for Macs, there has been absolutely no problems so far. As for general configuration and setup, I would say its fairly simple. I was able to get a good grasp of things without ever having used Logic software before. Now, when you start really scratching beneath the surface of this program, then you will understand that being fully trained on this program is going to be a HUGE process. It offers so much. I highly recommend getting some tutorials. The manual is ok. I honestly get irritated with it often. It seems like when you have a problem, you might find a chapter or something like that that goes over a little bit of the info you need. Its very frustrating. Very rarely does the manual actually solve my problem. Thank god for super in-depth tutorials and also Without those two things, I would still be wondering how to do a lot of things.


My computer set up is a Macbook (2.2ghz, 4gb ram, 320gb HD), and I use a Presonus Firepod and Presonus Firebox for my Audio interface. Logic works like a charm. As for performance, its kinda of hard to quantify it becuase this is really the only DAW I have used on this mac. But, I believe I am getting all I can so I give it a 10 out of 10. I have had a few crashes in Logic (probably around 4) which really does suck, but the majority of those crashes were saved first by logic so I could go right back to the point before it crashed. Pretty convenient.


I have been using Logic 8 for around a year. The best thing about this software is it is by far the most powerful yet user friendly DAW I have ever seen in my life. They also stock it full of tons of sounds, plugin effects and instruments alike, and a ton of different options and tools. It really is a great package. They also throw in Mainstage which is an amazing tool for the live musician. What I like about it least is really something specific. It has to do with the awful limitation of the "Cross Fade tool." Besides that, I love this thing. I used to have some hardware sequencers (Korg TR, and Roland VS 1880) but those were a joke compared to this. I also used Ableton 7, Reason (not quite a DAW) and Sonar 7, both very good in there own rights, but Logic blows them away, in my opinion. The value? If anyone else can find a very powerful DAW with a full library of high quality samples, high quality effects, a sister program designed to run your plugins in a way to make it very easy for live performance, and the ability to turn out great sounding audio, Please let me know. Until I hear from someone, this is the BEST value you will find when looking for a DAW. Now that I have had Logic 8, I cannot live without it. I would absolutely buy it again.

It's not that great.

By WuTangSht, 30/12/2010
Logic Pro 8 is an electronic music software made by Apple Inc. that is made for music production under a limited amount of sounds and tools as well as to recording in the software. To start off the software, there were no compatibility issues as it was clear it was only compatible with Macintosh computers. Logic Pro's manual was easy to read and the program was easy to setup and start off. The configuration was simple and everything was easy to access as the program was similar to GarageBand's setup and configuration.


The software works at its best on the default configuration as it's adapted already to Mac performance. The program's configuration was stable and it had the best performance it could give you. The program itself isn't very good though for anything. It's hard to connect I/O hardware to the software and since Logic Pro is for beginners, if you don't have a USB MIDI Control Surface, you are pretty much screwed. I used this software for 2 months until I trashed it because of its poor quality.


Logic Pro 8 is hardly different from GarageBand, except you have to pay an extra 100 dollars for it. Logic Pro 8 and GarageBand share the same traits, same configuration, same performance, same setup and the same tools. Logic Pro is nothing but a fancy name and a new design for people to buy but if you really get down to undersand it, it's not so good. The software costs 100 dollars and the newer Logic's cost around 200 dollars, while the best and most professional softwares like Pro Tools cost from 150 to 300 dollars. The sounds of Logic Pro are the same as the ones in GarageBand and they aren't good at all. You can record on Logic Pro excellent pieces of work, but that comes down to mic and playing quality, not the software but if you have a MIDI Control Surface and choose the sounds from the Logic library, you won't get much out of them. The best you can get is a decent Techno beat using MIDI with Logic. You are better off recording with a microphone your piano loops or pieces. I did try many models before this one like GarageBand and some others, and this was no better. Then I purchased Pro Tools which comepletely changed my life. Don't spend so much money on this software when you can get very professional softwares for the same price.

One of the best DAWs out there

By Hatsubai, 22/06/2011
Logic has been one of the main competitors to Pro Tools for quite awhile. Ever since around Logic 7, they've really started giving Pro Tools a run for its money. With Logic Pro 8, you get rock solid performance and ease of use that other DAWs don't really seem to offer. Since it's an Apple professional application, there are no issues when it comes to compatibility or usage issues. The manual isn't the greatest, and I find viewing Youtube tutorials to be the best way to learn these powerful applications such as this. They'll walk you through everything step by step and explain why things work the way they do. Setting it up to record audio is very simple, and it should be easy enough to start recording for anybody who has a mic pre for their computer. The hot keys on the keyboard might take awhile to learn, but you can buy an overlay for your keyboard or just do everything with the mouse if you'd like.


As with all Apple products, they're rock solid. I haven't experienced a single crash with Waveburner, and that's part of the magic of OS X. You're dealing with one of the best and most stable OSes out there. Everything is optimized for your hardware (assuming you're not using some sort of Hackintosh), and everything meshes like it should. The program doesn't use up too much memory, but it is a pro app, so it'll use more memory than certain other apps out there. Logic was my second DAW I learned, but it's been my main one for years and years now.


Logic Pro 8 has since been surpassed by Logic Pro 9. However, 8 is still a great DAW. I was contemplating if it was even worth it to switch to 9 for the longest time, but I eventually gave in. The biggest downside to Logic Pro 8 is that it's only 32-bit compatible. It'll work on a 64-bit OS and computer, but you'll only be able to run it in 32-bit mode, severely limiting the maximum potential of your computer.

A Great Digital Audio Workstation

By Adyssey Beats, 25/06/2012
Getting Apple's Logic Pro 8 installed on my Mac was a piece of cake, and there were understandably no compatibility issues. Although I can't speak to the benefits of the manual, it is a fairly straightforward piece of software if you've used a Digital Audio Workstation before. Yet, like all other DAWs, to really crack the intricacies of the program takes time. I resorted to teaching myself through tutorials online and reading forums that addressed specific issues with the use of Logic Pro 8 and recommend this technique.


On my MacBook Pro, operating with a 2.7Ghz Intel Core i7 processor and 4GBs of RAM, Logic Pro 8 runs fairly well, depending on how many tracks you have with how many plug-ins, etc. I have had it crash on me a couple times, but the program autosaves a fair amount to prevent you tearing out your hair if it crashes and looses all of your hard work. I've been using this DAW for the last three years, mainly as a recording and mastering tool, and have enjoyed my time using it.


Overall Logic Pro 8 is a very versatile, capable Digital Audio Workstation that can open your productions up to a world of possibilities. Although I prefer to sequence and perform my music using Ableton Live 8, I really enjoy using Logic to record vocals with and master my music in. Whatever you use it for, it is a reliable system whose only down-fall is its singular compatibility with Macs. I'm sure I would be angry if I had a PC..
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