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User Review

my favorite sequencer. - Reviews Apple Logic Pro 9

install without problems.
I knew the two books of 500 pages with sold (version 7)
I upgraded to 9.


I'm on MacPro quadcore 2.8 ghz 12GB ram, hd and several motu audio interface ..
no problem at this level either.


I use it since version 7
I tried Cubase, Live, Reason, but I feel better with logic.
live is better to speed workflow and assignments midi controllers level.
but in logic, I like the sound quality, the amount of plugins provided with automation and accuracy.
I spent over a thousand euros for version 7 has the time .. it was already somewhat expensive considering everything in it (and earlier versions some instrumentals as exes eg 24 were sold separately) .. but now it is downloadable for less than 160 euros on 'app store, it's downright given!
for serious work of music production is a must have! especially at this price!