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User Review

Excellent product. - Reviews Cakewalk Sonar X3 Standard

Value For Money : Excellent
Easy to install (somewhat long, but these days...) although I had several issues; files corrupted by the convolution reverb.


Installed on an iMac i3 with 12GB ram running Windows 8.1.

The product is very slick and stable and the interface is nice. It's the only product that makes me regret having quit Windows.

I reopened some old projects, I was tempted to remake them from scratch and everything was passed along very well (only some small issues regarding the soundcard and the Virtual Sound Canvas TTS Cakewalk module).

This product is truly very good and even if it isn't as good as its competitors in terms of MIDI, it has all essential functions.

It lacked Melodyne and the addition of the Nomad Factory plug-ins is a very good point.


I have been using up to this day and haven't noticed any big changes in relation to the previous version. Other than the plug-ins.

For me, it's the best DAW product under Windows in terms of value for money. You get your money's worth and much more. No more excuses for not achieving good results.
It compares easily to Logic Pro X on Mac OS and even if I like better the latter, Sonar can certainly convince even the most picky among us.

I used Cubase for quite some time (+/-12 years), I use Logic and Studio One often (and very rarely Reaper) and I must say that Sonar X3 Studio deserves a very good place among them.

Unfortunately, it's only available for Windows and that's its only negative point. On Mac it would have to compete with Logic, which makes it less interesting.

$49 for the upgrade from X2 Studio is incredible!!! That means $49 for the Nomad, Melodyne and other plug-ins. As for the rest, I see little changes.

It's a nice product that, even for $250 is well worth the price.

PS - The video regarding the touch-screen possibilities is amazing!