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Another Cockos Reaper 3 Update

Cockos has updated Reaper to version 3.72.



  • MIDI editor:
    • Moving CCs/events now updates pre-quantized positions.
    • Reduced memory use when opening/closing many editors.
    • Fixed memory leak when reusing MIDI editor and switching between MIDI items.
    • Fixed stuck velocity display on reopening some MIDI editors.
  • API/ReaScript:
    • Added SetMediaItemPosition/Length, with the option to suppress screen redraw.
    • Better portability between Windows and Mac (strip Windows new lines).
    • API functions for item/marker setting should now perform better on OSX.
  • Armed actions:
    • Show special cursor and tooltip only when clicking will trigger the action.
    • Do not cancel armed action on undo.
  • Feedback routing:
    • Fixed stopped monitoring with feedback.
    • Decreased memory/CPU use.
  • Media items:
    • Disabled "copy loop of selected area" action for MIDI items.
    • Recalculate autocrossfades for beat-based media items when changing time signature.
    • Allow copying loop of selected area when the time selection includes the item end.
  • Shift+click item selection:
    • Now use range of clicks rather than range of items.
    • No longer unselects other items (hold ctrl in addition for this).
    • Respects option to select all grouped items.
  • MIDI recording: fixed some overlapping note issues with replace and overdub recording modes.
  • OGG support: improved stability/playback of corrupted OGG files (libvorbis 1.3.1 bug).
  • Performance: Reduced thread locking when recalculating item information.
  • Shift+click time selection: on now obeys edit cursor moving preferences.
  • Stability: Improved MIDI note previewing thread safety.
  • VST: better resize notification support.