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User Review

Excellent DAW - Reviews Cockos Reaper 3

RAS. an executable featherweight!
I never read the manual because it looks like most other DAW that I use for 20 years now, but I do not do either of customization. I just use the DAW and existing config parameters without trying to create my own.


i7 / 8Gb RAM. RAS pure performance level. After the plug-ins as it works more or less well. Sometimes Reaper is doing better, some other DAW offers a slightly better performance (AC is not doubled, about 10 or 15% more or less depending on the case, but sometimes it makes a difference ) .dropoff window For example, I recently acquired Recabinet4 and everything in Reaper background I crunches and I can not really use it without changing the parameters of the first DAW X3 but with sonar, it live on. on the other hand with Sonar, if I add a little reverb greedy, I have the same problem as in Reaper. By contrast with Sonar times I can stack 30 plugs before it saturates in Reaper and I get to 35 or 40.
In short all that to say that performance level is kif kif with other current DAW (I also tested the newest versions of Cubase and Studio1).


I use Reaper from the beginning, it's been a long time! What I like most is its simplicity (eg there is only one type of track, no need to choose audio or noon or else!). I love its modularity and the ability to actually customize the interface (it must also know how to program, but there is a good community not bring a lot of good things for those like me who can not program). I like the fact that it does not scan ALL VST / VSTi if one adds that! I also like to mix in Reaper.
I like some of the original interface against, but there has very good skins developed by users.
Short for short because there would be many things to say, this is a great DAW that does bother with nothing superfluous (no sample pack or other instrument of m # $% e), offers good performance (also depends on the PC of course) and everything has a ridiculous price! So if you do not want to break the bank and also have the ability to switch from a Windows platform has a MacOS platform with the same DAW, this is an excellent choice!