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Cockos Reaper 4 Available

Cockos Software have released Reaper in its latest version 4.

Cockos says that Reaper 4 is not a radically new experience from its predecessor, but that it adds a number of useful new features, ease of use improvements, and customization options.

It lets you:

  • Tweak, correct, and mangle audio with pitch envelopes, which can be applied to individual media items.
  • Create automated surround mixes with multichannel track metering and the ReaSurround plug-in. Apply rotations, transformations, and diffusions, and automate the positions of the speakers themselves.
  • Batch render wildcards for flexibility when generating sound files in bulk.
  • Manage project media and FX with the Project Bay, where you can collect, organize, and edit a list of resources that you are using, or might use, for different types of projects.


More Customizable

Arrange Reaper's windows and toolbars in multiple dockers, redefine your mouse behavior with mouse modifiers, and use the new Walter layout template engine to create custom layouts for track/transport/mixer GUI elements.



  • Take comping is designed to be more predictable, with takes remaining aligned by recording pass, even after splitting and deleting errors.
  • Previewing and inserting media is described as easier, because you can highlight, loop, and insert subsections of media files.
  • Switch between different MIDI clips is designed to be easier in the MIDI editor. Pool MIDI items so that editing one item edits all pooled copies. Define scales and chords for quickly painting runs and arpeggios.


Check out Reaper 4 for more info.