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User Review

my starting point in pro tools - Reviews Digidesign Pro Tools 5 Le

Pro Tools 5 LE was one of the first versions of pro tools that I have ever owned my self (owned but not just used). I have used other versions before this one but those ones made me buy his one with it came out a while back. I really opened up a lot of doors for me and got me to understand how the industry records and does music. After only working in some Midi sequencing softwares getting pro tools and understand it took some time and a lot of patience. But it built a good foundation for me to get into recording and really mastering music on a different level.


Installing it was easy, it just took a while to finally get installed and registered and ready to go. Then I had to configure everything and get all the ins and outs right (which too a long time because I was new at setting it all up from start). But after a few hours of reading the manual and some trial and error. I was finally able to actually start recording.


Overall, I loved Pro Tools 5 LE. I don’t know use it anymore because I have upgraded so many times over the years and now im on the newest version of pro tools . Pro tools continues to keep developing there software and make it easier for us to navigate and get what we need out of it. But at the same time they keep getting a little more complex and changing some of the small features up. So sometimes when you upgrade and try to do or look for something that you did on a previous version it will be different on the new version so you will have to find it. But if you want to make it in this game you have to know pro Tools . Pro Tools 5 LE was a good starting point for me.