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User Review

took some time to figure it out - Reviews Digidesign Pro Tools 8

The installation on Pro Tools 8 was not quick, but it was worth the wait. My soul purpose of purchasing DigiDesign’s pro Tools 8 was to mix and master our songs and make them as good as possible from home without having to go out and pay someone else to do it. So the purchase price for Pro Tools 8 seemed high at first until we factored in how much it would really cost to have someone else mix and master or songs and tracks 1 by 1 , and that price was way more than what it was going to cost to purchase pro tools8 by digidesign. So we finally made the purchase and first thought was , this is complicated. At first glance we didn’t think that we could every have the knowledge to be able to do this in Pro Tools 8. It took use a lot of practice and reading through the manual.


We did need the manual, and the manual wasn’t very easy to navigate through. There is just too much material in the manual , it was like a big book for us. But we eventually figured everything out after hours on hours and days and weeks. We finally got to the point where we felt comfortable enough to really fully master one of our songs. Pro tools does make it easy to import all of your external files in many different formats.


DigiDesigns’s pro tools 8 became like second nature to use after a while and we started to use it more and more and now we are too the point where we do almost everything in pro tools. Pro tools is just one of those things that will just take time to understand, no matter who good your ear is you will have to understand how pro tools works. With a lot of practice any one can understand it.