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User Review

Good But complicated at start - Reviews Digidesign Pro Tools 8

I was not involved in the installation of the program but from what I heard it was very quick and easy to do.
I have read through the manual a few times and got my head around many of the provided features that come with this program, pro tools is a very good DAW and one of my favourites for mixing and mastering.
Everything works in the program as it should do with a few little bugs that will get fixed on updates to it in the future.


Our system is a mac pro dedicated to the recording, mixing and mastering of our projects. As you may imagine it runs extremely smoothly on our system but I also think it would work fine on a pretty high grade computer. Like most digital audio workstations they take up a lot of processing power so running them on a mediocre laptop or computer has the potential to make your work a little aggravating.
I have been using pro tools for around 1 year now and it is still one of the best programs to mix and master on to.
Our performance with this set up is one of the best, nothing lags or glitches due to low cpu or anything like that, we can safely mix a great number of tracks with no problems what so ever.


The main thing that stands out to me with the pro tools is that the audio quality is great. A lot of DAWs vary slightly in audio quality but this one is definitely not one of the rubbish ones for sure.
I like how easy it is to use, but you will have to read up on how to do everything first off. Do not expect to just turn it on and be able to mix and master straight away, you will have to learn and read up on all the different features that it has.
It is pretty expensive in my opinion but a necessity in a studio environment unless you use another DAW of course.
I have worked with a number of different DAWs over a few years and I have to admit this is my favourite for mixing and mastering but I do not like to produce with this at all.
I would choose pro tools every time when setting up a new studio as it is very user friendly once you get a hang of it.