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Using Digi001 with Digital Performer 5 on Mac 10.4.11

I got my Digi 001 to work under 10.4.11
First I installed PT 6.7 (w CA 6.7), then (before even authorizing with the code DIGIxxx-etc) restarted the Mac, ran the PT 6.9.2 updater (which installed CA 6.9.2), then restarted and ran both the PT 6.9.2cs2 & cs4 updates. The Digi 001 is now available in AMS, I can select it in Digital Performer 5.1 as i/o for both MIDI and audio, and my Akai MPD24 (connected directly to the MIDI in port on the Digi001 i/o box) is seen by Reason 4.0 and I can also use the 001 to output Reasons audio.
*I did try (just to see what would happen) to start Pro Tools 6.9.2 in 10.4.11, and a dialogue box came up saying something like HW not found press ok when connected.
I removed Pro Tools from the dock (didn't to a uninstall) because when I did that it removed Coreaudio as well so I just lef it in the Apps folder (it doesn't take up alot of space anyway) and besides if I ever decide to spring for an 002R I'll already have PT installed.
Hope you still got your 001 to try this, it's a good box!